Better’n Your Mom’s Stereo Speaker

This new stereo amp can handle all types of electronic instruments and audio devices that can be used anywhere, anytime.


Guitar Canvases beautifully display guitars while sustaining the look of a beautiful amp & tons of color combinations to choose from.

no tools needed
no studs needed
100lb capacity

With multiple Guitar Canvases you can say “Okay Google (or Hey Alexa) play Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley downstairs.” and it can play in a single room or multiple rooms together 🧠💨

You can get together with your band or friends and even sync multiple Guitar Canvases to jam together for up to 12 hours.

You can also use Amazon® Echo Dot and Google® Home Mini to say "Hey Alexa (or "Okay google") play that Guitar Canvas track I was working on the other day." and it'll pull up the song so you can work on it.

You can also use the included power cable and play endlessly. Coffee not included but it should be. We’re trying to figure out how your Guitar Canvas can make coffee too & breakfast burritos.


Surround your sound

There is nothing like creating & experiencing great music. That is one reason Guitar Canvas is so simple to setup and enjoy. Configuration should be easy, and it is.

Connect Devices

Effortlessly stream music from your computer, tablet or phone via Bluetooth, WIFI or, cable when not jamming or noodling live.

Configure it

Input one audio source or several at a time. You can stream a track while playing your guitar or connect multiple instruments for a jam or recording session.


You can create or listen to music whenever inspiration hits you, no extra setup to slow you down or slow down your creativity.